SIGAP to support Village Regulation

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Natural honey as an alternative source of income to improve livelihood. (c) Taufiq Hidayat/TNC

The government regulation No. 6/2014 on village management or the UU Desa gives greater autonomy to villages to manage their own territory. However, the village officials need to increase the capacity in planning and identifying their natural resources. With the new regulation, the village has the right to manage their own natural resources for their own welfare including the right to make commitments with third parties to manage their natural resources.

Currently village officials’ capacity building is one of the top priorities in the implementation of village autonomy. To help them plan an integrated natural resources management, TNC has developed an approach called Inspiring Actions by Communities for Change or SIGAP. This approach develop stages and processes based on collective action by members of the community to find their strength, dreams and creative solutions to face challenges while strengthen their relationship with the forest and conduct necessary changes for better livelihood.

SIGAP is a systematic approach created to facilitate counselors in supporting village residents and officials to plan and implement infrastructure and economic development, land tenure, natural resources management and accountability. Currently SIGAP is applied by TNC and local NGOs in 26 villages in Berau. By 2020, SIGAP is to be implemented in 600 villages across Indonesia.

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