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Members of Kapatcol Women’s Group showing their sea cucumber harvest. (c) Nugroho Arif Prabowo/ TNC

women sasi_nap_eng_419

Kapatcol Women’s Group Brought Sasi Back into Use

Unsustainable management, illegal fishing, pollution, destructive fishing practices, and poorly managed coastal development will put cetaceans’ lives in danger. (c) Yusuf Fajariyanto/ TNC


Danger Lurks around Cetaceans in the Sawu Sea

Solar panels are now managed by Sinang Putri Business Unit. (c) Chris Djoka/ TNC

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The Burgeoning Economy of Merabu

Mangrove forest in Semanting Bay can be developed into an ecotourism destination and fishery area. (c) Siswandi/ TNC


A New Mantra for Semanting Village

Palm oil plantation. (c) Yulia Hadi/ TNC


Harmless Palm Oil: Is It Possible?

Logging activities. (c) Nick Hall


Logging Companies Should Not Lose Money

The customary system that protects natural resources. (c) Bridget Besaw


Reinforcing the Role of Kadie in the Management of Natural Resources in Wakatobi

Seaweed farmer. (c) Peggy Mariska/ TNC


Seaweed Cultivation Learning with the Communities

Seaweed. (c) Kevin Arnold


JARPUK, Envisioning Independent Women Managing Natural Resources


SIGAP Supports National Social Forestry


New Eco Lodge in Merabu


Synergy in Mangrove Preservation

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Preserving Sea Turtle Nesting Beaches in Rote


Kerima’ Puri, Guardian of Merabu Forest

Workers are preparing fish fillet at CV Indotropic plant. (c) Peggy Mariska/ TNC


Indotropic Fishery Supports Sustainable Capture Fishery Initiative in Indonesia

Customary law is an important initiative in an area’s natural resources management. (c) Bridget Besaw


Customary Management Initiative for Limbo Tombuluruha

Sustainable seaweed farming. (c) Kevin Arnold

Rumput Laut_KA_419_eng

Seaweed Cultivation Begins in Tablolong and Oelolot

The correct survey method will generate the most useful data for area management. (c) Donald Bason/ TNC


Towards a More Effective Orangutan Survey


BNI Supports Adopt-a-Reef Program in Wakatobi


Mutual Fund for Human and Environment


Savings for Nature


Citi Indonesia Supports Coral Reef Conservation in Derawan Islands

Orangutan. (c) Katie Hawk


Kiehl's Supports Orangutan Habitat Conservation in Wehea

Smartphones installed with SIGAP 2.0 app. (c) Christianus Djoka/ TNC


Smartphone Support for SIGAP App Development




Conservation Leaders Community


Wehea-Kelay Essential Ecosystem Management

Learn to know nature. (c) Nugroho Arif Prabowo/ TNC

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Raja Ampat Launched New Curriculum on Environmental Education

RIL-C practice at TNC's partner. (c) Nick Hall

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RIL-C Recognized by Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Turtle conservation to ensure their future survival. (c) Jeff Yonover

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Turtle Conservation in the Savu Sea

Natural honey as an alternative source of income to improve livelihood. (c) Taufiq Hidayat/ TNC


SIGAP to support Village Regulation

Norway Ministry of Climate and Environment, Vidar Helgesen, standing beside the tree adoption sign in Merabu, Berau, East Kalimantan. (c) Agustina Tandi Bunna/TNC

Norway minister visit_Ebe_Eng_419

Norway’s Minister of Climate and the Environment Visits Merabu

An eco-friendly harvesting method can reduce impact on logging practice. (c) Nick Hall

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PT. Gunung Gajah Abadi Obtained FSC Certification

Marine Conservation Forum (MCF) of Savu Sea National Park tries to promote sustainable natural resource management, ensuring marine biodiversity well-managed. (c) Jeff Yonover

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Marine Conservation Forum for Kupang

Healthy coral reef supports marine ecosystem. (c) Purwanto/ TNC


Reef Health Check in Savu Sea

Coastal communities depend on healthy marine ecosystems. (c) Dwi Aryo/ TNC

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It’s Time for Local Wisdom

Coral reefs are habitats for numerous marine species. (c) Awaludinnoer/TNC

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Adopt-A-Reef Campaign

Wehea Forest Patrols are amongst the forerunners for green development in East Kalimantan. (c) Nick Hall


East Kalimantan for Better Climate

Orangutan hanging in a tree in Kalimantan. (c) Don Bason/ TNC

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Orangutan’s Forest: New Webpage for Global Orangutan Conservation Campaign

Sharks in Raja Ampat (c) Jeff Yonover

Sharks_Jeff Yonover_Eng_419

Sharks Return in Kofiau

Water bird on a limb in Savu Sea. (c) Benjamin Kahn/ APEX Environmental

Water bird_ Ben Kahn_Eng_419

Marine Conservation Forum Established in Timor Tengah Selatan Regency

Mangroves in Kalimantan. (c) Siswandi/ TNC


Ecosystem-based Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

Coral reefs in Raja Ampat. (c) Jeff Yonover

Coral reefs Raja Ampat_Jeff Yonover_Eng_419

One Gate System Visitor Management for Raja Ampat

Karst Sangkulirang-Mangkalihat. (c) Djuna Ivereigh

Karst Sangkulirang_Djuna_419

East Kalimantan Government supports Sangkulirang-Mangkalihat Karst Conservation and Forest Management in Berau Villages

Fisherman about to go fishing. (c) Bridget Besaw

Fisherman fishing_419

LAZISNU and JALA Commitment in Tanjung Batu

Manta ray. (c) Jeff Yonover

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Marine Communications Forum in Savu Sea Marine National Park

Orangutan road sign. (c) Bridget Besaw

Orangutan road sign_419

Towards a Sustainable East Kalimantan through Improved Environmental Management

Orangutan. (c) Nardiyono


Corridor for Orangutan: A Multi-party Collaboration to Conserve Bornean Orangutan in Wehea

Community discussion. (c) Nick Hall

Discussion_Nick Hall_Eng

Community Learning Circle

7th Thought Leadership Forum: “Strategic Alliance Religious & Conservation Groups on Valuing Nature For Sustainable Prosperity in Indonesia” (c) TNC


Creating the Bridge: Religious Group and NGO’s