Raja Ampat_396x283_eng
Nature Conservancy Magazine October-November 2014, by Eric Seeger

Community works to keep Indonesian archipelago hub of marine life.

Raja Ampat Family_396x283_eng
25 July 2014, by Gondan Renosari

Betsy initiated a women’s group to manage sea cucumber and trochus, species important to the income of local communities in Misool.

Who Owns the Forest_thumb_eng
26 June 2014, by Erin Myers-Madeira

For many people living in remote areas of Berau, the forest is central to their identity and livelihoods.

Global Agriculture_thumb_eng
18 June 2014, by Jon Fisher

The environmental news about the natural habitat being converted to agriculture has been pretty grim.

CSI Penyu 396x283 eng

An expedition that combined natural history exploration, visiting a new area and even some “crime scene investigation” in turtle nesting areas.