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Learn to know nature. (c) Nugroho Arif Prabowo/ TNC

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Raja Ampat Launched New Curriculum on Environmental Education

RIL-C practice at TNC's partner. (c) Nick Hall

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RIL-C Recognized by Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Turtle conservation to ensure their future survival. (c) Jeff Yonover

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Turtle Conservation in the Savu Sea

Natural honey as an alternative source of income to improve livelihood. (c) Taufiq Hidayat/ TNC


SIGAP to support Village Regulation

Norway Ministry of Climate and Environment, Vidar Helgesen, standing beside the tree adoption sign in Merabu, Berau, East Kalimantan. (c) Agustina Tandi Bunna/TNC

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Norway’s Minister of Climate and the Environment Visits Merabu

An eco-friendly harvesting method can reduce impact on logging practice. (c) Nick Hall

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PT. Gunung Gajah Abadi Obtained FSC Certification

Marine Conservation Forum (MCF) of Savu Sea National Park tries to promote sustainable natural resource management, ensuring marine biodiversity well-managed. (c) Jeff Yonover

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Marine Conservation Forum for Kupang

Healthy coral reef supports marine ecosystem. (c) Purwanto/ TNC


Reef Health Check in Savu Sea

Coastal communities depend on healthy marine ecosystems. (c) Dwi Aryo/ TNC

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It’s Time for Local Wisdom

Coral reefs are habitats for numerous marine species. (c) Awaludinnoer/TNC

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Adopt-A-Reef Campaign

Wehea Forest Patrols are amongst the forerunners for green development in East Kalimantan. (c) Nick Hall


East Kalimantan for Better Climate

Orangutan hanging in a tree in Kalimantan. (c) Don Bason/ TNC

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Orangutan’s Forest: New Webpage for Global Orangutan Conservation Campaign

Sharks in Raja Ampat (c) Jeff Yonover

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Sharks Return in Kofiau

Water bird on a limb in Savu Sea. (c) Benjamin Kahn/ APEX Environmental

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Marine Conservation Forum Established in Timor Tengah Selatan Regency

Mangroves in Kalimantan. (c) Siswandi/ TNC


Ecosystem-based Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

Coral reefs in Raja Ampat. (c) Jeff Yonover

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One Gate System Visitor Management for Raja Ampat

Karst Sangkulirang-Mangkalihat. (c) Djuna Ivereigh

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East Kalimantan Government supports Sangkulirang-Mangkalihat Karst Conservation and Forest Management in Berau Villages

Fisherman about to go fishing. (c) Bridget Besaw

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LAZISNU and JALA Commitment in Tanjung Batu

Manta ray. (c) Jeff Yonover

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Marine Communications Forum in Savu Sea Marine National Park

Orangutan road sign. (c) Bridget Besaw

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Towards a Sustainable East Kalimantan through Improved Environmental Management

Orangutan. (c) Nardiyono


Corridor for Orangutan: A Multi-party Collaboration to Conserve Bornean Orangutan in Wehea

Community discussion. (c) Nick Hall

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Community Learning Circle

7th Thought Leadership Forum: “Strategic Alliance Religious & Conservation Groups on Valuing Nature For Sustainable Prosperity in Indonesia” (c) TNC


Creating the Bridge: Religious Group and NGO’s