by Glaudy Perdanahardja, 20 May 2016

A sensitive marine animal, sea turtles are prone to threats in almost every cycle of their life and habitat loss is probably the greatest threat for them.


Pemandangan bawah air di Teluk Ambon, lokasi penyelaman Hukurilla. (c) Sutra Anjani/ TNC

Ambon Bay_SA_396
by Sutra Anjani, 20 March 2016

Indonesia is a favorite place for underwater tourism. Unsustainable management threatens the future of this beauty. (c) Jeff Yonover

Diver code_JY_396_eng
by Glaudy Perdanahardja, 19 February 2016

Savu Sea underwater. (c) TNC

savu sea underwater_396
by Dr. Rod Salm, 14 November 2014

Mirza Pedju and Rod Salm discuss the distinguishing features of turtle tracks. (c) Rizya Ardiwijaya

CSI Penyu 396x283 eng
by Dr. Rod Salm, 27 January 2014